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The article “Sousveillance: Inverse Surveillance in Multimedia Imaging” was an enlightening read. What struck out the most to me, was firstly, how the author accidentally discovered sousveillance through cyborg discrimination. What is interesting here is not that there is discrimination. Discrimination will always be prevalent as it is only human nature to fear what is different from use. What I… Read more →

Do it with Others culture

The Do it Yourself(DIY) culture has always struck me as something strong willed as you are taking matters into your own hands. Be it either assembling your own furniture or creating something that you need from scratch, it always leaves you with a sense of accomplishment and I find that very admirable. Do it with Others(DIO) culture, a spin off… Read more →

Open Source Culture

In theory, I am a supporter of open source and open source culture as I feel that it is a platform that encourages innovation and improvement due to the innate freedom that it provides. However this does not mean that open source is not without its faults. Part of the appeal of open source comes from the fact that it… Read more →

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