Experimentation Week 1

So for my first experimentation for ¬†2D mark making, I decided to mix and match techniques I’ve learnt from different artists, namely, Cai Guo-Qiang’s method of using stencils and Jackson Pollock’s method of drip painting.

But… lets just say that things didn’t really go according to plan.


My first plan was to create a stencil of a fish and then use drip painting to create the image of a fish  through negative space.

Splash Fish

However, because the enamel paint I used was too watery, the image of the fish was barely visible. ‘Though I think the image was still pretty interesting as the fish is still trying to be seen. Like a hidden image only seen if you look closely.

Splash Fish 2

I tried to do it a second time this time with thicker red enamel paint. I think the fish shape is slightly more clearer but it is still not significant enough.

So my initial attempt didn’t really go well and I was disappointed.

However, all was not in vain.

Drip Paint Cut Out

This was a cut out taken from a part of the paper used for the previous Splash Fish painting. I really like the Patterns Created and I think that drip painting can be used as one of the methods for an emotion. Maybe excitement ?

Things to take away :

  1. Stencils should be big to be effective. (At least for this method. Stencil size has to be relative to the type of method of painting used)
  2. Get thick enamel paint for effective drip painting.

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