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Watching Faces Places and the first thing that crossed my mind was, this is how you create artworks/ installations that are kind. You see the warmth that is instilled within each artwork.I think that is because each artwork has a very personal purpose and they do it not because they want to attract attention to themselves, but simply because they wanted to (like when they printed the picture of the man who owned the barn) or because they wanted to attract attention to something that is usually overlooked or forgotten (like when the printed the pictures of the old miners in the old mining village or when they printed the pictures of the shiphand’s wives). These are the kind of artworks that puts a smile on your face and I can only hope and wish that my artworks would be able to do the same.

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I also think another reason why the artworks shown in the documentary are filled with such warmth is because of the personality of the artists themselves. Especially Agnes-Varda, who had such a bubbly excitable personality. Even at that age, you could tell that she had fire in her eyes. And the moment that spoke to me most was at the end of the documentary where an old friend and lover purposely stood her up and hurt her. And yet despite that, she still carried herself with grace and acted in kindness (she even sent him a DVD copy of the documentary). Agnes-Varda the role model we could all take inspiration from, not just as an artist, but as a human being with a full heart. May she rest in peace and me she always be remembered.

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