Human Presence

Human Presence through wear and tear and friction


Images courtesy of : Yu Zhen

Human Presence through use

Certain items, because of context and arrangement, you not only see the human presence but know exactly what they were doing

Image Courtesy of : Nik Oen


Image Courtesy of artdesignandmemes


Human Presence through mistakes

To make mistakes is only human. Never underestimate human stupidity for stupidity is infinite.

Image Courtesy of artdesignandmemes



Project Idea:

Create an escape room

1) where the solution to the puzzles can be easily deciphered from the wear and tear of the items.


2) the story will be told through the arrangement of items, creating a context that is easily understood by viewers.

3) humour is told through “human mistakes” and this will also serve as red herrings in the escape room puzzle

Online ghost duplicates of ourselves













Project Idea:

Create a “youtube recommendation” wall.

This wall will be a projection projected onto a wall. The projection consist of human silhouettes with youtube recommendations markers sticking out of the silhouette.

The recommendation markers will be updated daily

Participants and viewers will be invited to guess who the silhouettes in a wheel of fortune esque manner. I think this can be quite fun especially in an ADM context where the population is small and everyone knows everyone.

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