IM Hyperessay Chosen Artist : Yoko Taro

Yoko Taro
Game Director

Yoko Taro is a game Designer most famous for his Drakengard Series and his Nier Series. Yoko Taro is an interesting artist as he is a revolutionary in his field. Most of his works fall into the genre of fantasy JRPGs but what makes them different is that he takes the tropes that are popular within this genres and subverts them. He deconstructs a genre saturated and ubiquitous in the world of gaming and makes the player question themselves. Sometimes even out rightly insulting them. For example he would create an action game (filled with lots of blood and killing) that is not fun to play (which is counter intuitive) as his question was “why should you have fun when you kill?” His works however usually remain under the radar and are considered “niche”. Needless to say he is a very interesting artist and I would love to talk about this revolutionary among Game Designers.


Notable Works Include:

Released: September 11, 2003
Publisher: Square Enix


Nier Automata
Publisher: Square Enix
Released: 23 February 2017 (JP)

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