Interactive devices Finals Update



Was to create a pillow and a sculpture and a room that reacts to a person’s heartbeat and touch.



So it is taking much longer to make the flowers than I anticipated so instead of using the flowers to add to the room, the flowers itself will be the sculpture that reacts to the participant.




But the Good news is – I am really comfortable with making the roses now and I can continuously make a lot of them


Roses update:


  • Hook up with power converter
  • Make more roses


Cushion Update:


Step 1: create pattern for the cushion


Step 2: create pattern for the cushion


Step 3: Do up basic circuit for the heart beat sensor.


Step 4: Get heartbeat sensor to work with light (LED strip)


Step 5: Put the circuit on the pattern.


step 6: get wifi module to work and communicate with light sculpture



Step 7: Get cushion to react to rose sculpture


Step 8: Create LED Patterns


Step 9:Setup


Exhibition setup:



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