Interactive Spaces Idea dump

Idea 1 : Swapping senses with someone

This requires technological intervention. Basically, using a device to see/hear/touch/smell what someone else sees/hears/touches/smells.


Idea 2:

Changing your point of view. Using a drone and VR goggles to change your view from first person to third person


Idea 3:

Multiple consciousness controlling one avatar.

Idea 4: Changing the rules within a space.

We have standard, traditionally excepted rules that we all abide by. What if we created a space where these rules change.


eg. Create a game


  • where within this space, you have to direct the other person without cardinal directions
  • Create a game that changes the way you move?
  • Create a game where people have an agenda or hidden mission (changing the thought of movement)


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