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Twitch Plays Pokemon Red

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It started as a social experiment by anonymous Australian programmer, in his words, he simply wanted to see what happens. The essence of the this work is basically a community playing Pokemon together where each individual in the audience is able to input commands through the chat to control the actions of the avatar. The fun comes from the anarchy that arises due to thousands of players trying to control one avatar. The project became a world wide phenomenon with viewership rising from a meager 30 viewers on day one to the hundred thousands in its final days and this project even won a Guinness record.


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NieR Automata (Final Boss)


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NieR Automata besides being an amazing game that deconstructs the typical rules of a JRPG, is also very experimental. In the final parts of the game, where the player is forced to do battle with the ending credits, the player needs to call upon the help of other players who have sacrificed their save files to help you in this hour (increasing the amount of life you have and your fire power) and at the same time, words left by previous players will play in the background, both word of encouragement and words meant to discourage you. . After this, the player is given the option to delete his very own save file to help another unknown player across the world. The interaction here is between not just the player and other players, but the player and the gaming society as a whole. We get to see, is the world truly mostly altruistic, and we get a peak into our own soul. When given the chance to sacrifice something you care about for someone you don’t know, would you ?



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