LED strip Project Progress


Inspirations : Tamagotchi, Digimon, Pokemon Go raids .Collectively working towards something.

Initial Sketch: Tamagotchi Idea

Step 1: Tested out Hall Magnetic Sensor

So the Hall Magnetic Sensor works yay, but it does not work in the way that I want it to. I wanted the hall magnetic sensor to be able to measure different magnetic strengths so that I can change the colour of the LED strip based on the strength of the magnet. Currently, it only measure the same magnetic strength and it only works like a switch.


(Insert Video of same Values)


Step 2: Test out the RFID sensor next

The RFID sensor works and I think I will be able to work on this as different tags have a unique ID ,so I can use this and code specific colours to specific tags.


Step 3: Connect an LED with the RFID sensor

This works too yaaaaaaaay. So here, I have turned the RFID into a switch. When it senses a tag, LED switches on and if there is no tag, the LED switches off.


Step 4: Replace LED with an LED strip

Step 5: Correspond different colours with different Tags

Step 6: Create Tamagotchi Programme

Step 7: Connect RFID sensor to Unity

Step 8: Clean up physical form.


Final Product

For the Final Product I decided to bend make the LED sculpture into the form of an abstract plant of sorts such that there is a stronger link between the physical aspect of the project and the digital aspect (the sheep)

What I am most proud of for the this project first of all is the idea itself. I think it is a pretty unique idea and if I were to do a LED trade show I think I would try to implement this idea to be honest. The second thing I am pretty proud off is that there isn’t much lag in the transfer of data. That is there is no lag when the arduino reads the RFID and for the LED to light up and there is no lag for when the RFID is read and the sheep to read that it is the proper RFID. And of course I am really happy with myself for being able to work with an RFID sensor 😀


Comments for Improvement

  1.  In a trade show context I should take into consideration that either the LED sculpture be large enough such that everyone will be able to see it or that the LED sculpture is also projected on the big screen for everyone to see. (during the presentation, people couldn’t really see the LED sculpture lighting up.
  2. The RFID tag also should take shapes that symbolizes the colour they represent. For example if the RFID tag is going to turn the LED sculpture Red, it should take the shape of an apple.

Taking this project further

Using an arduino nano — create smaller design.

Use wrist bands instead.

Each wristband can interact with other wrist bands to change their colours.


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