Morse Armlet bracelet Process

Project Idea

Idea: To create a bracelet that sends encouraging messages in morse-code vibrations when it is rubbed anxiously.

Aim:  Create a focus point for the wearer’s anxiety and also comfort them.

Inspiration: Leo Valdez from Rick Riordan’s “The Heroes of Olympus”. Leo Valdez and his mother when working in opposite ends of a large workshop would tap out morse messages like “I love you” on the metal pipes to signal to the other that they are okay.

Process steps

Step 1: Throw money at Art friend and Continental

Step 2: Test out laser cut living hinge


I really love this laser cut pattern, it is not only pretty but it really changes the properties of the wood. It is now slightly stretchable. However, it is not bendy enough to make a bracelet.

Although this pattern was really pretty, the wood still remains very rigid and unbendable. Also the wood started to smolder and I took it out in time.

Step 3: Make vibration motor work

Step 4: Make Pressure Pad work

Step 5: Combine pressure pad and Vibration Motor

Pressure pad and the vibration motor works however there are 2 problems

  1. The pressure pad is too sensitive and thus will be hard to calibrate
  2. It reacts to the vibration of the vibration motor

Step 6: Switch to touch sensor



Step 7: Combine touch sensor with vibration motor


Touch sensor works when there is a conductor with a slight electric current running through and thus will not react to the vibration of the motor.

Step 8: Create Rub mechanic through timer

When someone rubs anxiously, it is essentially touching a spot multiple times in a  moment in time.


Step 9: Create form for bracelet (finalize laser cut form)


These living hinge were much better as they were made such that they can wrap around the wrist. However they are still very fragile.


Step 8: Combine bracelet and electronics (final)


Final Product


Thoughts and Reflections

  1. The technology should be neater and hidden. A friend suggested to create a jewel to keep the electronics packed inside.
  2. Inner lining of the bracelet to make things comfortable for all user.



Vibration Motor:

Living Hinge Design :

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