Prototype 1: Game Rules

Body & Soul


4 player game, two pairs.

One pair is called Pair 1 and the other is called Pair 2.

On player in each pair becomes the body while the other player in the pair becomes the soul.

The body has to be blindfolded.



Objective :

For Pair number 1: Get your “Body” to reach the stated objective by using the directions on the cards.

For Pair number 2: Get you “Body” to catch the other pair’s body by using the direction on the cards.



  • The “Soul” for each pair starts with four cards in their hand.
  • During each turn they can use one card to give their “Body” directions.
  • At the end of each turn draw one card.
  • The “Body” must voice out their thought process in deciding with the chosen direction
  • Once the body has reached the Goal, the “Soul” has to shout “HERE!” to indicate that the body has arrived at the intended position. The “Body” then reaches out in front of them and places their hand on whatever is in front of them.
  • When using a Red Card, the “Soul” can use the directions on either side and fill in the blank with whatever word they deem fit. (even if it is very direct eg. turn right)
  • If the “Soul” says Stop! The body has to stop immediately.

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