Spaces Midterm Project idea dump

Feeling I want to Convey

  • Peaceful confusion – You can feel lost and unsure on what to do next but still feel calm and at peace.


Experience/Project Idea

  1. Participant enters a pure white room. It is empty accept for a frame at the back of the room and panels on the floor.
  2. Participant will walk towards the frame and inspect more closely.
  3. Upon closer inspection the Participant will realise that there riddles inscribed in the empty holes in the frames.
  4. Participant notices that the panels on the floor have answers inscribed on one side and a picture on the other side.
  5. Participant tries to answer the riddles and form the bigger picture.
  6.  (Maybe ???) calming prayer sounds will play.



  • Frame will be a 3×3 frame. 63cm x 89.1 cm. (3×3 A4 sizes).

  • Frame will have niches to place panels. These niches will have riddles inscribed on them

  • There will be 9x panels. Panels will have 2 sides, one side will be black acrylic with an answer to the riddle. The other side will be transparent acrylic with part of an image laser cut on.

Artist Reference

  • Krzysztof wodiczko’s, City Hall Tower, Projection. I want the riddles and the answer to make participants realise and question their preconceived notions, in hopes to awaken participants.


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