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Thoughts on FYP Presentations


Okay after looking at the senior’s fyp presentation the words that’s been ringing in my head is “I am scared” for myself and for my dear seniors. I think most of them have really pretty interesting ideas however, I feel like most of the works are in a very incomplete state or at leased have not been realised to an FYP standard. I feel like the best of them are only about 40-50% done. And they only have slightly more than a month to complete it… I am scared. However, on the bright side I think for most of them could make it much better by simply by making them much much bigger or by having their projects unlock the ability of mitosis and multiply by a lot more.


Notable works and commentary:


Chris’ work:

The only project that I think is of a really high standard. Chris’ game is actually super super polished and amazing. I think if he presented this demo to a publisher at the moment, there’s a high chance that it will get picked up. However, what he can do better I think is in his exhibition space. I have mentioned this before but games by itself really dont’ have the spatial presence to capture the attention of visitors in an exhibition like the FYP’s. I think he should try to make his space bigger and louder. One easy way for a game is always to have a big big screen/projection.


Tisha’s work:

The roomba on the lazy susan was really really powerful. The roomba seemed so vigorious and violent trying to escape its predicament. However, tho powerful, this one item wont be enough for an fyp exhibition. As mentioned during the presentation, this has set the bar and she would have to find sets of items that would are as equally powerful as the roomba.


Jiaman’s work:

I think the aesthetics of the work is pretty interesting and the projects has a lot of potential. Colourful pieces of silicon with interesting textures being blown up would be a visual spectacle. However, she would have to create a lot more than she already has . Personally I think she should create a giant tree like structure with this on the middle of the room.


Valerie’s work:

I am personally kinda worried about this because I have first hand experience in trying to make an LED matrix. At the very least she isnt wiring all of it up herself …. hurhurhur. But honestly, I think even 1000 LED’s isnt enough because mine last year was 300  and it was enough to only cover part of a table….


The cotton cloth one:

I think this one can be really visually interesting but she has to create enough to cover a whole wall with it. And the Led Strips underneath isn’t utilised enough . I also feel like she shouldn’t create a neon lights with a “Pledge here” sign because it would be very jarring and I think  would be break the aesthetic of her piece. The pledge here section should be woven into the design of the fabric itself and the design should lead people to touch it there. The easiest would be spirals into the shape of a palm . And the instructions should be embroidered into the cloth. Also she could potentially work with conductive cloth to create interesting forms of interactivity with her tapestry.


Mark’s work:

The visuals of the game is pretty decent however, there’s nothing really unique about the game and on top of that it is very unpolished.  First of all, there needs to be much better UI. There’s currently no visual indicator to show that when the character is hit by a projectile or when a monster is hit by the broom. There is also no indicator to show when the monsters are swallowed up by the plant thingy. Also I think from a game design perspective, he should have made the dashing require mana to use instead of the attacking. Then players would have to pay close attention to their positioning and resource management.


The one with the TCM:

I think the stations she made should be more aesthetically pleasing. Why did she make it out of ice cream sticks actually ? I think Ice cream sticks was not the best choice. The app too needs more work. Currently there’s no audio or visual feedback when pressing the buttons. For an app to be appealing i think pressing the buttons needs to be satisfying. Also there should be a tea making segment, as prof Dejan had suggested.


Closing thoughts

I’m kinda scared because I know these seniors and they are hardworking people. To see these hard working people struggle so much for FYP only makes me wonder what would happen to average old me. However, although I am scared, I am also excited to start working on mine. I think the first key pivoting point for the direction of my FYP would be how much I work on it during this summer. I definitely need to start during the summer if I am to realise the huge idea I have in my head. Here’s to the future.


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