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The first thing Prof DY told us was to not create an epic RPG and Kee Yong and I went ” Watch us”. At that point of time, the assignment was also to create a variant for tic tac toe and I thought, what if we made Tic Tac Toe and RPG? The next thought was, “What if the pieces had HP”. And from there, the idea to mix tic tac toe and clash royale was born.


Dev Logs:


Play test 1: With prof DY

  • Add UI indicators for how much a unit cost ==> there is now a glow to indicate how much each unit cost. There is also a glow to show if a player is lacking mana to summon a unit.
  • Simplify the differences between the different units. (Make them travel the same speed, but just have higher attacks and hp. So one knight unit is exactly x 2 of one trooper unit and one joust unit is x 2 of a knight unit)
  • Also changed the code for the key presses instead of KeyDown to GetKey ==> Button pressing was changed. Instead of pressing both button simultaneously, you can now hold press a card button or a lane button and slowly make a decision before pressing the next button to summon a troop
  • Have damage UI indicators to show how much damage is being done to show how strong one unit is to another. ==> I didn’t do HP damage UI because I thought the UI was as messy as it was already.
  • Similarly have some differences in the unit’s HP Bar UI to show how strong one unit is in relation to another. ==> Each unit now have a specific HP Bar. Knight units have a bar segmented into two while¬† Joust units have theirs segmented into 4.

Play test 2: With En Cui and Wei Ting

  • Mana Regen Speed was still too slow
  • Players summoned a big unit then resorted to summoning only slow units ==> make mana regen slightly faster
  • Players could work around a big unit by sacrificing a square.


Play Test 3: With Gina and YuanXin

  • Have UI indicators to show which lane is being selected or which card is being selected ==> there is now a glow indicator to show which card or lane is being selected
  • Mana Regen was way to fast. It was too easy for players to reach a stalemate. ==> Manaregen was reduced again. Fever mode was added, where units move faster and deal more damage and claim victory squares faster to increase the pace of the game.
  • If a player is winning, it is easier for them to win as the enemy units have further to travel. ==> the solution was to have a different claiming time for each class of unit, circle or square and have the furthest square take a shorter time to claim but the nearest square have a longer time to claim. I however did not manage to implement this.


Play Test 4: With Chris and Pin Yi

  • Rearrange the keys to make it more intuitive. ==> Switch the lane keys to Q,A,Z and P,L,, to match what is on screen more
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