Wearable tech: Hussein Chalayan

Transforming dresses





Hussein Chalayan Spring/Summer 2007

Dresses that morphed mechanically to mark and end of an era.


Posessed Dress from Gravity Fatigue, Fall/Winter 2016 collection


A dress that moves depending on the movement of the wearer which in turn impacts the wearer’s movements too.

So who possesses whom ?


Hussein Chayalan x Intel

Created a dress that reads the model’s heart rate and brainwaves and the reads and projects this bio data.

A bit about Hussein Chalayan:

  • Is an immigrant from the island of Cyprus to England.
  • Feels like he is an outsider
  • started making things as early as 11 years old
  • was always fascinated by technology
  • loved to incorporate other disciplines into fashion
  • found it fascinating how fast our lives are evolving
  • Music is a very big source inspiration for him because he feels like it is a profound experience.
  • Likes to work with technology, music, dance, themes on him as an immigrant
  • Feels like the work he does that involves technology are just prototypes and that he does mainly work for consumers.


”For me, it always starts with the idea and the piece I’m making. The way it’s presented comes after,”


Personal thoughts

  • Really cool how even though he is in the fashion industry creating fashion as consumer products, he still finds the time to create art that focuses on themes and messages and tries to find a balance between corporate work and his art work.
  • I think most of us in the future will face the dilemma of either art of corporate work. But in my opinion we shouldn’t have to  choose between one or the other. Or better yet find a middle ground between the two in our own unique way.
  • Most of the time art is about marrying two things that seem so far apart and that is exactly what we are doing here in this mod, marrying technology and fashion.


Sculpted Dresses
Convertable Table Dress


Summer 2016



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