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One Costume


So sadly, I am not able to complete my final costume as of right now because of the COVID-19 situation and I do not have a sewing machine. However, I do still eventually plan to complete my costume. Once school reopens and I am able to do so. So for my submission I will be detailing what I have done so far, which is mainly the draft costume that I have made.



So as a reminder, this was what my final design was suppose to be

Because the design is very complex, I knew I had to create drafts first even though that would take a lot of time because slow and steady is always better then realising that something doesn’t work later.


Pants Draft

So the bulk of my time was used to make the draft for my pants because the pattern was complex and there was a lot of slashing and spreading involved.


for the draft I used polyester satin since I had a lot left over from Interactive Devices and Spaces last semester.


So the first step was to make a standard pants pattern.


The next step is then to cut this pattern in half, because only the top part of the pants will be made into spikes but the bottom half will be tapered. The top part of the pants is then cut into five parts because there is going to be 5 spikes. This is done for both the front pants patterns and the back pants patterns.



Each strip of the top of the pants pattern is then spiked and enlarged.


Then repeat this x5. Each side of the pattern is also labelled accordingly. This is because each pattern is not interchangeable. Front pattern A Side 1 has to be sewn and attached to Front pattern B side 1 for example.


This is also done for the pants inseam part.



Now after creating the front side of the pants, I realised that the spikes were still too small. And so when creating the back side of the pants I decided to make the spikes much larger and much more dramatic.


The result of the draft was surprisingly good.

The bottom part of the pants however was too tapered and I could not fit into it, but hey that is what drafts are for and now I know to edit the measurements.

The draft material was also to soft and that caused the spikes to droop. But this was solved by placing foam cones inside of the spikes.


For the actual material I bought duchess satin for $10 per meter. Duchess satin is much more rigid however it is still shiny and white.

Draft Coat

The next thing to make was the coat. As seen from the design above, the coat was to be striped with alternating colours or patterns and hence this meant that I had to do slash and spread again.


First extended a normal vest pattern to make the coat.

I then proceeded to make the draft. Just to see what the shape would be like.

The actual material used for the coat was one that was patterned, $12 per meter, and black satin, $8 per meter.



For the actual piece I then proceeded to slash the patterns into five different pieces.


This is done for both the back and the front patterns.

I then proceeded to cut the actual material. I had to be careful and ask Prof Galina for help at this point because I was not sure how to follow the grainline.



Once again each piece is labelled because each piece is distinct and not interchangeable. For example, coat back A side 1 has to be sewn to coat back B side 1.

Draft Vest

Thankfully the last draft to make was the vest and that was much more simpler than the coat or the pants. Mainly because I did not need to do any form of slash and spreading for the vest.

For the vest, I took inspiration from typical old Victorian vests.

Image taken from: https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/71CXo8hvzeL._SR500,500_.jpg
Image Taken From: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1261/9609/products/product-image-868491496.jpg?v=1571708553
Image Taken From: https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/81mr%2B4YbPbL._UX342_.jpg



So to match the pants, I tried using a more angular design.


Sadly the collar’s shape looked very wrong and that would need to be edited.Luckily that is a simple piece.

For the vest, the material I choose was one that was also elaborate with patterns to contrast the pants.

Final Draft

Overall, the final draft looked like this. It was still pretty shabby but now I had a very good idea on how I was to complete the final piece.



For the heels I was going to 3D print a pair of high heels. I even printed a mini version of it as a test in my 3D printing class.

Image and 3D printable files taken from: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3603103



For the technology I was still working with servo motors attached to linear actuators and I also decided that I would use led strips to add inside the pants.


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