ADM library

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The first idea would be to create a miniature of the library with certain pieces of information either written around it or concealed. I might use a library book sleeve , and audiences are able to pull pieces of note off it . The miniature itself could be an abstract representation of the library itself.

The second idea would be to create a book of colors. I would take a video while walking around the library, then i would compress the footage to a reasonable length before blurring the footage to their core colors before exporting the shot into an image sequence. I would then print out the pages and bind them together. I might consider printing several volumes so as to

The third idea would be more towards installation art. I would play music in the background and encourage the viewers to put pieces of lego together and piece what the structure looks like in their head. The main theme here is participation and interpretation.

Finally, the last idea involves creating a plaster cast of a book, showing it melting and breaking at the edges.

For that setup, I seek to explore the cold, dead tactile feel of plaster to parallel the ever decreasing relevance of physical books. Though we may have a sense of romanticism towards the humble paper book, we find ourselves looking for things through the internet and downloading everything wherever convenient. The rise of blogs, online news, podcasts and audio books have further thrown this medium into darkness.

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