Beehive collective  Another inspiration for the final project came from the Beehive collective, a non-profit organization that come together to bring awareness about social-economic issues, environmental issues and issues on militarism and free trade.

Meticulously detailed micro pen drawings can reach up to 30 feet in length and are brought around to different parts of the world to be used for educational purposes. The visual nature of the artworks allows for a more fluid and non-linear form of storytelling.

I had the idea of incorporating this into our own personal story, be it the story of this country, or a fictional setting, and have the illustration either be projected or shown on a series of large screen televisions, similar to the one at the ADM lobby. Key elements of the illustration could be enlarged whenever the user hovers the mouse over key sections of the illustration.beehivecollective 344571 tcc_slider_crop05 tcc_crop1_higherres_1024x1024

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