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For our project, we’ve decided to choose a hundred pages of journal entry, all of which would be taped together vertically to form a kind of modern tapestry. The idea would be to place it against the wall or have it dangling, and have people who are curious to walk past it and analyse it. Since it has been some time since that journal was completed, I have almost no idea what I have written. Most of them are mere descriptions of my location and some others are more esoteric in nature. Nonetheless, among the receipt descriptions, license plates and technical jargon, there exists posts where I might’ve written my darkest inner thoughts.

I had the pages photocopied and cut to size as the scanned images aren’t in A4, after that was done, we fastened them from end to end with clear tape. Makoto was then in charge of securing the space in which to hang the artwork. However, as the schedule was tight, we were unable to get a slot to book the area, so we setup the assembled pieces near the atrium area and take a couple of shots of us unraveling the tapestry.

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