Cyberformance Critique: “we r now[here]” by Helen Varley Jamieson

we r no[where] by Helen Varley Jamieson creatively uses the Internet as an artistic medium, it was a cyberformance that take the third space as a networked environment. After several discussions and rehearsals in past few weeks, we finally met again in the Adobe Connect and collectively delivered the cyberformance to audience locally and remotely in the opening of Art of the Networked Practice | Online Symposium. In the overall practice, it was definitely a great chance for us not to only experience, but to participate in this collective artwork.

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OSS Symposium : Mobile Cam Exercise #1


It was an ”upset chatting experience” and a ”collaborative cooking experience” happened in the third space.

If lagging network keeps happening, I would much prefer to interact with people if our physical space is not a limitation.

Our original plan was :

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Project Hyperessay #2: VR³

“Polka dots can’t stay alone, like communicative life of people, two and three and more polka dots become movement. Our earth is only one polka dot among a million stars in the cosmos. Polka dots are a way to infinity. When we obliterate nature and our bodies with polka dots, we become part of the unity of our environment. I become part of the eternal, and we obliterate ourselves in love.” (Kusama’s Self-Obliteration, 1967)


Concept Development

When we talk about Yayoi Kusama or her polka dots, tons of things could be discussed. Based on my understanding in Kusama’s works, polka dots (coded in processing) is my previous sketches finished before the project. It could give us a hint of project concept in a 2D world.

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Research Critique V: Webcam Mediated Communication – JenniCam (1997)

Created by Jennifer Ringley, JenniCam was one of the first web sites that continuously shared ”moments” in a private life, some of these moments include nude theme. Even though the website contains only the most recent images which took every three minutes, those black and white images attracted lots of viewers who seeks sexual arousal in internet while others were interested in the new way of experiencing in internet. As a new use of internet technology in 1996, JennyCam seems opened up a new approach to ”interact” with others who can access internet but interestingly it seems an unshared way of interaction.

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Micro-project V: My Desktop World

Welcome to my desktop!

I decided to make a VR project that is about Kusama few days ago, right after I changed all my wallpapers related to these, since I always believe this is a effortless way to gain inspiration!

The wallpapers are themed regarding eternity, infinity and obliteration :

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Project Hyperessay #1 – VR³: Eternity, Infinity and Obliteration

VR³ is a project that allows collaborative creation, and visual interaction actualised in the third space(Virtual Reality). The purpose of this project is to create an interactive space for people who usually do not get a chance to experience the art works of Kusama.

This project was greatly inspired by Yayoi Kusama(草間 彌生) ‘s installations. Yayoi Kusama is one of the most famous Japanese artist and she is a living legend. Here are some Kusama’s installation arts:

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Research Critique III: Telematic Dreaming by Paul Sermon

A brief history of Telematic Dreaming

Telematic Dreaming is a seminal installation by Paul Sermon. It was originally created as a commission for the exhibition that is held every summer by the Finnish Ministry of Culture in Kajaani in 1992. And in 2005, it was presented in Taiwan as a reworking project.

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