OSS Symposium : Mobile Cam Exercise #1


It was an ”upset chatting experience” and a ”collaborative cooking experience” happened in the third space.

If lagging network keeps happening, I would much prefer to interact with people if our physical space is not a limitation.

Our original plan was :

I will be talking and running while Frank will be cooking at the parallel time.


Yes, I did run at the first part of our conversation, but sadly it only last for 10 minutes or so…since our network is too slow to chat in real time and I received a msg that alert my data usage(my bad). So I changed my plan.


and we ended up with:

I kept staying in outdoor where it has wifi covered and of course, many mosquito…


For most of time, I had have to seat in a place where it has Wifi covered.  Frank had his meal cooked but he seems had no extra hand for taking our proper screenshots.



i. I will immersive myself into mobile meeting if it has a good user experience( at least our chat happens in real time/ nothing wrong with mic..)

ii. Disappointedly,  I can smell his dinner but couldn’t steal his drumstick !





Author: Sheng Tao

An exchange student who likes Singapore

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