OSS Symposium : Mobile Cam Exercise #2

Our adventure started with the sandwich vending machine, that was a great invention for me! Two coins always worth a super fast hearty sandwich.


In our Cam exercises #2, we set up in different locations. I were so hungry and walked around in that machine for a while, thanks for the designer that machine is not transparent so I can stop myself.



And then I walked to another vending machine selling drinks and I don’t know why, guess I am not creative enough, these associative thinking doesn’t always help. At that time, I have noticed where were everyone and what were they doing even these are just still images. Helen was pointing her webcam in a circular stairs, Hannah was in second floor, MJ was moving around with that green chair and Diana always take selfie in a random place.


And our third-space meeting were not going very smoothly. It just happened without any signs:


It lost signals for two times and I had have to log out and log in to keep going.

However, it was a great experience since many of us out of our body and gathered together in the third space simultaneously. And it works!

Really hope everything goes well in the final performance.





Author: Sheng Tao

An exchange student who likes Singapore

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