Final Project Update 2


I tested out my idea to have myself in the physical space while interacting with people in the third space. This essentially makes the paper a interface for me.


I found this to be very difficult to execute. There is a large time difference for me to write or draw a response rather than speak it which often killed the conversation and I would have to start again on a different topic.  I also found it interesting that I ended up using internet slang while writing just to speed up the process.

After a 5 minutes my 3 friends (from different cities and countries) started to have their own converstaions and I was left just listening as I couldn’t respond fast enough. Lag in 1st space?

After this experiment I have been thinking of ways I could improve it. Maybe I could follow the directions of the viewers rather than responding to questions, or playing a game like pictionary or a board game.

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  1. Interesting problem. I think your idea of using text message abbreviations is a good one, not only speeding up the process, but transposing language from the third space to the first space. Can you also use your voice? I wonder if a combination of spoken word and text might be a solution. We can discuss further if you are having any problems, let me know and we can Skype before next week’s class.

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