Project Hyperessay #2


For the technical realisation of my project we will set up a three way communication between me, my friend and the broadcast using wirecast, skype, local desktop presenter, a phone, a webcam, the main computer, a pen and large piece of paper.

I would be set up in the classroom with a large piece of paper on the wall and a webcam on a tripod behind me. the webcan would be connected to the main computer and  the main computer has to be close enough that i can hear it clearly. In another room in ADM my friend would be set up with skype on a phone.

The webcam which views my drawing connects the image directly to wirecast and to skype. My friend views this visually through skype (on a phone) and responds orally through skype. There is only a speaker and no microphone in my room so that i can still hear her responses but there is no extra noise when it is broadcast. On the main computer the local desktop presenter sends the skype call to wirecast and in wirecast we join both the her skype call and my webcam for broadcasting.


As Grace (my friend who will be on skype) is also from New Zealand and studying in Singapore I would start off the conversation by talking about the idea of displacement. This is relevant because we are physically away from out home and also the 3rd space deals a lot with the idea of displacement in space and time. However I would still allows the conversation to flow like a normal one and change direction and topics just seeing where it ends up.

In this way I would end up with both a recording of the conversation as it happens and also a drawing which documents the whole conversation at once as well.