This was a short-lived blog. Its existence was short, yet meaningful. Like life. Haha.

I had probably the biggest smile on my face of my entire first two weeks in Singapore during this class. Unrestrained joy, curiosity. Pretty thankful to be surrounded by a body of such talented and creative individuals beyond the numbers I am used to, even if for literally 3 hours.

Bye class! It was a fun first introduction to interactive spaces, but my inexperience in interactive media was concerning and now to the mountains I must go.

(The featured image are mountains in Banff, Alberta, Canada — taken on a family trip a month ago.)



Time is not of essence. I live every single day without regard to time. There is no discipline. Trying to change this, I bought myself a wrist watch from Bugis Street Sunday night. To be sure, I bought two. Will these help me keep track of my time? 10 minutes late. Always 10 minutes late. I love the freeing feeling of not feeling time; living without regard to the ticking clock. Merely just living, laughing, eating, writing, listening.


Written Tuesday, Jan. 19th, 2016.