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The task for this assignment was to create a work that altered ones senses. The first sense that came to my mind was sight, and paired it with perception. The piece was placed on the audiences head, it contains 100 paper filters that consist of different texture, opacity and length.

The idea was that in life we see life through fragmented screens, due to social media, and devices, we see life through a bunch of different screens that fragments our reality and blurs what is actually real vs. what is altered by the media and curated online.

The head piece showed our view of reality by enabling the user to see through different screens. As a society believe most of what is portrayed online or over the media the thicker paper slips represent how far from reality it truly is, rather then being able to see what is directly behind the thick paper the user must trust and believe it, if you cant see for yourself reality might not be there. Compared to the transparent pieces that enable the user to see right through at what is really behind it.