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Caitlind Brown created the beautiful interactive installation sculpture cloud; created from over 5,000 reappropriated domestic light bulbs. The audience interacts with the piece by pulling on the strings which turns the lightbulbs on and off creating a lightning effect.  innovative

  1. This was in Singapore as well a few years ago! Though i didn’t get to see in person, it looks really good in pictures! I enjoy this work as it encourages interactivity and also contain the element of working together.

  2. This was in the Ilight festival two years ago. I actually got to play with it. It was well done as it was well put together, weather-proof etc. It could withstand people pulling the light bulbs to turn them on and off

    • Robustness is an important point – again, the idea might be simple but the technical execution needs to be well thought-out and executed. As it apparently was in this case.