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IdeaOne: The Plant Handbook


We all know those people who struggle to keep their plants alive. The Plant Handbook is a online interactive book that explores the story of plants. The handbook explains how to take care of different types of plants it discusses the plants background information; where it originated from, the climates it is used to, etc.. The idea is to have interactive images or a video that allows you to choose individual  plants and have their “how to care for” information pop up on screen.

It is a story book that narrates the life of each individual plant displayed in the handbook. I would like to include the arrow feature so the users have the ability to move around the book at their own speed and direction.

  1. this is nice topic and great starting point to formulate the idea. what would be really great is if you start to plan how many plants do you want to use or portray and also what type of plants? what kind of information do you want to use about the plants? maybe an interesting book that you can check out is the Secret Life of Plants.
    it is an interesting book that was and still is controversial. it explains reactions and ‘feelings’ of plants that author noticed while using polygraph on them… i am not sure if you want to go into some ‘unusual’ or unique phenomena about plants, or it would be something very different – like very informative almost documentary, or maybe fictionalized worlds or stories on plants. this idea can take many forms, so probably your next steps would be to list down some information and more details about content of this project and do a storyboard that explains our experience when interacting with this project… if you need help with it, please email me…