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Infinite Polka-Dots

Yayoi Kusama’s known as the Japanese Queen of polka-dots, designed an art installation exhibition entirely filled with an infinite amount of dots. She used different room which contained different sizes, colour and style of dots.

  1. I saw a smaller scale one at the recent Art Stage last week. It’s pretty breathtaking actually. Like a state of trance. However, I feel Kusama’s repetitiveness in using her polka dots have been really boring and she need to try new things. But I understand that it’s her trademark but still, oh wait, she’s mental.

  2. hi Kamarul, do you have a link or photo (that you took yourself?) from the show you saw at ArtStage? Be interesting if you post stuff like that, especially if you can recommend it to others, if it was a good show… or what do you think?