IdeaOne: The Plant Handbook


We all know those people who struggle to keep their plants alive. The Plant Handbook is a online interactive book that explores the story of plants. The handbook explains how to take care of different types of plants it discusses the plants background information; where it originated from, the climates it is used to, etc.. The idea is to have interactive images or a video that allows you to choose individual  plants and have their “how to care for” information pop up on screen.

It is a story book that narrates the life of each individual plant displayed in the handbook. I would like to include the arrow feature so the users have the ability to move around the book at their own speed and direction.


During the class of week 2 we explored the tension of being stuck together, and how to function as one. Saran-wrap which may seem weak and thin was able to restrain the movement and breakage from the force of the bodies wrapped in it.  IMG_1725