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“cityscape” is a new and creative way to explore your city as well as support local artists. The process is easy, download the app and explore. Local artist will be encouraged to join the team and create any artwork of their choice. The app is designed to take users around their city, exploring new areas they may have never been to, in search of the artwork. A GPS map shows the users where each art piece is, it provides users with directions and locations. Once the user has reached their desired artwork they will scan a barcode attached to each piece. Once connected the user begins their journey, which led by the artist, a description of the artist’s work and what inspired them along the way with a playlist of music the artist used to create the art piece.

  1. This is a quite nice idea – I’ve been down to iLight festival twice, and an all like this would have worked really well in such a context. And perhaps not all that difficult to realise technically – did you give that some thought, and searching for possibilities? For example, with GoogleMap you can create custom layers! More involved work, check as MedeaElectronique (see page 31 on, )