Pitch #1

For the individual project I was thinking of experimenting with an interactive installation focusing on sound as an art piece. Testing echo’s and different pitches. $500 would be an acceptable budget for this installation, seeing as it would utilize an empty room with speakers and microphones.

Pitch #2

For my long term pair pitch I want to focus on bringing art into big city’s, society is constantly in a rush and never takes time to appreciate its surroundings i’d like to have artists collaborate and create huge permanent sculptures that become monuments of the country/city they are placed in. While I desire that all art works are unique and individual, each piece maintaining a similar aesthetic would create a notably interesting experience.

Pitch #3

For this project i’d like to focus on wearable technology. The it is often an issue with body temperature raises to hot then cold very fast and Bringing sweaters can be a nuisance. I want to create a jacket that reacts to the users heart beat. The speed and rhythm of the heart beat alters the temperature of the jacket. A internal heating and cooling system will be installed with sensors activated surrounding the main pressure points.

Pitch #4

For this project I would like to create a large scale audio visual installation. Where I will interview a large group of women who have all taken victim in a tragedy such as rape, abuse, etc and have their voices echo in a room how explaining their feelings. I want to express the issue women face all over the world.

Pitch #5

The life tunnel is an interactive performance installation. The art piece consists of 11 large pieces of hanging paper, each paper containing its own unique rip in the centre. A clear wire hangs them so they give the illusion of floating. Life Tunnel is a reflection of our lives, going through the tunnel the audience must adjust their bodies in order to fit through the rips in the paper. It represents the obstacles in life that we can not change and as challenging as it is to get by, we have no choice to but to adapt to our surroundings and keep moving forward.