1. 500 dollar project.

For my 500 dollar project over one year I would create a website for exchange of services. Users will create their own account and gather points by helping other members with their needs. These points can then be used to request services by others.

2. Unlimited project.

As for my bigger project I would like to introduce free rental of bicycles over the campus of NTU. This will make it easier and faster for students to travel across campus without using the campus rider. Students will explore and connect with parts of campus that they otherwise wouldn’t.

3. speeDating

Take dating and social applications one step further and make an free app that allow users to talk virtually face-to-face for about 30 seconds (pitch themselves), like traditional speed dating, to get a better understanding of each other.

One thought on “Pitches”

  1. 1) What kind of services? More specific -> more dedicated user community (?)
    2) Biking NTU!
    3) Interesting, but does it not already exist!? What would your ‘edge’ be compared to existing dating social media thingummies?

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