3 thoughts on “The Swedish ship Vasa’s revival”

  1. IT was an interesting to read about this Vasa warship. Not only we can learn about things from the past, we can also learn about how this ship was being built, and this is about project management. So this project of preserving delicate things is always a challenge and need very specialise management.

  2. Uh huh, I was there 2 months ago! The place shows how the ship was found, the mythology on the wood carve and astrology people used to navigate. Vasa is really an interesting and unique museum. Moreover, the ship itself is part of the museum, it is really a great idea.

  3. It’s somewhat ironic that a ship that sank on its maiden voyage has become a widely recognized symbol of the Swedish “great power period”. I have been there myself and I must say that they have done an outstanding job preserving the ship. I like this project because it’s different and it’s interesting that they had to invent with new techniques to preserve the ship. Managing this project must have been a real challenge and I wonder if they ever thought the result would turned out so good.

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