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#1:  Platform for course material.

Many students like to share their material and to help each other, so I feel that there should be a free portal that makes this easier and to faciliate the learningprocess. The objective is that the portal should contain relevant material such as lecture notes, course summaries, exams, projects (like FYP) on all courses offered by NTU. Students can send in material to be reviewed and validated before uploading.


#2:  Solar energy as an complement source of power at NTU.

To make NTU campus greener by exploiting solar energy. Singapore has no natural resources today and the vast majority of electricity consumed in Singapore currently comes from burning non-renewable fossil fuels. Less than 1% of this energy is contributed by solar energy.. This small country have about 8 hours of sunshine every day all year around with temperatures up to 30 degrees. Singapore have the perfect conditions for this alternative source of power. Scarcity is not a problem, I suggest that the solar panels should be installed on rooftops or the facades of buildings.


#3: speeDating.

Take dating and social applications one step further and make an free app that allow users to talk virtually face-to-face for about 30 seconds (pitch themselves), like traditional speed dating, to get a better understanding of each other.