We are looking to improve the experience of MRT users. As we are still deciding on our specific idea we have separated our ideas into the various scenarios we could work around.

Platform – gameplay to fill waiting time – on windows/doors/floors/walls

Stairs – encourage use/gameplay – entice with cheaper fare and swipe halfway up

Corridors – immersive environment, activate space – make empty space enjoyable, keep busy people moving/they won’t stop


After visiting a few MRT stations during the week…

I’ve realised that the high frequency of trains means that people spend very little time actually waiting at the platform for a train. Therefore its possible that a game projected into this space wouldn’t be used very often.  Also there is an almost constant influx of people getting off the train -from both sides, and this could cause an interruption to the game or even anger people if the game doesn’t position players out of the way from alighting passengers.

I saw that the amount of stairs differs greatly at different stations and that when there aren’t so many some people appear willing to use them. However when there are lots (like Buena Vista) it is very unattractive and I’m not sure even I would tackle them for an incentive!

I observed people walking through stations on their phones, looking down, looking unhappy and pretty bored. People use this space as a method of getting from A to B and consider it nothing more than that.

I think we should attempt to improve this space, even if it is simply for the purpose of getting people to look up from their phones or make people smile. I think majority of people here are going to work/coming home from work/in a rush to get somewhere etc although I’m sure there are a few that would stop and interact with the wall if that option presented itself. Children/students/people not in a rush might have the ability to stop and appreciate the environment more which could also encourage others to join in.

Interactive Environments in Public Spaces

Stockholm Central Station – stepping on coloured circle stickers on the floor activates different musical note sounds.

Passengers paths are traced by LED projections at a Berlin station.



Sunderland Train Station in the UK – this wall mimics the actions of passengers walking around the platform.



The Song Board outside Kings Cross Station was able to be manipulated by visitors to create patterns and words.



Feline installation art exhibited in a Copenhagen station.



Ottawa LRT station sound & light show coming in summer 2017.

  • “$3-4million show billed as futuristic, interactive and a cornerstone of 2017 tourism”
  • “It will be the world’s first underground multimedia production”
  • “We want to show a more modern, technology image for our city and this is a perfect fit.”



Xiamen North Railway Station

  • 2,000 square meter multidimensional interactive art exhibition
  • themes will be featured in the exhibition include an Underwater World, a Funny Beach, an Amazing Forest, an Animal World and a Fantasy Sky
  • Visitors can enjoy a new, interactive photo-taking experience
  • They will be able to scan QR codes near the paintings to download software, which will make moving animals such as tigers and dolphins appear in users’ photos
  • Free WiFi is available for visitors