Defining our concept

At our group meeting we discussed the three ideas we had form last class and chose to focus more specifically on utilising the corridor spaces in MRT stations.

Designing on the platforms came a close second as we would be able to tackle a ‘practical’ problem of people waiting in the wrong areas for the train/people getting onto busy carriages when other are not busy… but┬ásolutions have already been put in place to solve these issues like the lines of the floor and people working on the platforms telling commuters to move down the platform. Therefore could another solution be effective? And surely its common sense for people to get onto a busy carriage and move down or see its busy and choose another?


With the corridor spaces we are aiming to address a practical issue – moving people through the space effectively by separating the slow and fast walkers, as well as a more intangible issue of activating the dead space and making people look up from their phones, also making them more aware of their surroundings and perhaps bringing the outside inside in some way?


After the class feedback we realised our main challenge would be making people want to look at/interact with the installation more than once.

To keep people interested time after time we though about adding a dynamic element to the experience, that motifs/symbols/images would be projected on the wall that follow you as you walk through the space. This also encourages people to continue walking (perhaps also dictates pace?) and not to stop and interrupt others. It means that the projection will always be different also as it will change dependent on the number of people moving through the space.

Then we thought these motifs and symbols could be themed to a particular cultural event or public holiday being celebrated in Singapore in order to add variety and a frequency change of imagery. This would work to make people aware of events without being a blatant advertisement. Singapore prides itself on being multicultural so we thought this would be an excellent platform to showcase this, and celebrate and inform people of the various cultural festivities.

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