Project description

Project name – MRT DiverCity

Paragraph brief – An interactive art installation to enhance peoples experience through the dead spaces in MRT stations, and to inform commuters of the currents events happening in the city.

Survey questions – which space in the station would be most effective? Would you interact with it? What time of day do you use the MRT -morning, midday, afternoon, evening?

Research on similar projects – airports/art/installations

Narrative senario – people walking through MRT station and the wall projection responds to their movement

When its busy – perhaps the motion sensor is turned off during peak times or else the projection wall would get super busy. This may also need to be dependent on which station/busier ones might need to be treated differently to quiet ones. The projection could revert to a default during peak hours e.g. 7-10am and 5-8pm.

Location – give client the option of installing the project into one station (near the festival/events location) and if they grant it successful they can then spread it to stations in the surrounding area/further abroad. This allows for cost challenges and provides a sort of ‘trial’ for our concept.

Dobby Ghaut – interchange, large spaces to occupy, different levels in station, different population during the day,

Enough events on? While there seem to always be things happening in the city we could have a ‘default’ projection of the area of the MRT, bringing the outside in. Visuals could include nature, architecture and aspects that are specific to that area.

  • Janurary ┬ánew -years, pongal, singapore art week, thaipusam
  • Febuary – chinese new year
  • March – easter/good friday
  • May – labour day, vesak day
  • June – dragon boat festival
  • July – singapore food festival, hari raya puasa, hungry ghost festival
  • August – national day
  • September – hari raya haji, formula 1
  • October – deepavali, halloween, singapore biennale, tennis tournament
  • December – christmas