Assignment 7+8 – Project Proposals

Creating new screen-based UX design.

Can be based on past field trips:

  • Futureworld – interactions with art
  • Hawkers/Canteens – experience buying food
  • MRT – experience with transportation
  • Interactive design
  • Food UX
  • Transportation UX

Screen-based experience
Can be speculative… hypothetical, abstract, suppositive

Create an experience, interaction, response using…

  • Technology
  • App
  • Website
  • Wearable technology
  • Interface


  • Limit interaction with smartphones
  • Useful in an everyday context
  • Wearables have become recognised as the future of technology
  • Smartwatches and activity trackers are so popular but they don’t do anything that a smartphone can’t
  • They aren’t essential

“There will be plenty of people who will benefit from smartwatches, but there won’t be many people who will be worse off for not having one.”


With that in mind.. my research has come across some products that have influenced my ideas for a project.

Digital Tattoo – Project Underskin


  • Technology and fashion reaching beyond the wrist
  • Smart digital tattoo implanted in your hand and interacts with things you touch

“It can unlock your front door, trade data with a handshake, or even tell you if you have low blood sugar.”

  • Cultural precincts may oppose this but its not a huge step forward from tattoos, piercings, birth control
  • It runs off of your body’s electro-chemical energy and can send out NFC signals
  • Can recognise location and body movements

—-> Digital Tattoo for MRT users

  • Instead of a smartwatch/smartphone/wristband, having a digital implant to pay for rides
  • Can track your location so reduces need to queue for the card-sensor stations
  • Accessible and useful for everyone as the MRT is used by all


Moment by Somatic Labs


  • A smartwatch with no screen –questions screen as a means of interface interaction
  • Communicates by sending vibrations in each corner of the watch, that the user is able to recognise
  • Connects with smartphones, creates vibration patterns to communicate who is calling/directions/music

—-> SMRT Wristband

  • Use to pay for rides
  • Can vibrate on arrival (to wake sleeping passengers)
  • Vibrate to communicate directions and aid people walking around the stations (signage is confusing)
  • Alternatively, create an app that can do all this
  • Minimises the things you have to carry
  • Makes process quicker
  • Everyone is using their phone anyway
  • Issues –availability of smartphone to everyone? Functionality with a dead battery?


Smart Contact Lens by Google and Novartis


A contact lens to help diabetics monitor their insulin levels from tears. Uses a small glucose sensor and a wireless chip to transmit information from the eye.

  • health tracker
  • removes the need to diabetics to pin prick themselves
  • simple to use
  • design makes it subtle to wear -also not different to normal contacts
  • Google is even working on LED lights that will notify a wearer of low blood sugar right in their field of view -immediate feedback to user
  • can be used for non-diabetics to simply monitor healthy eating/dieting

I’d love to find a way to use this innovation…


More ideas I want to explore

  • Addressing the ‘issue’ of queueing and waiting times -providing an experience during these times and activating the dead space/public space
  • EG bringing a taste of the FutureWorld exhibition to the MRT – interactive walls to entertain the people in the space, enhance the boring and tired experience and also to advertise the exhibition to encourage people to go
  • Interactive advertising to provide a taste-test of the experience