Wk 7 + 8 – Part 3 – Examples of thoughtfully designed user experience

1. Sensel Morph

Sensol Morph, User Experience, Examples of design

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1152958674/the-sensel-morph-interaction-evolved/description (to see the film) 

What I like about this product and its user experience is the flexibility using the same technology for different purposes. The product is a good example on how to convert physical practices into the virtual in a very refined way.

2. Nintendo Wii 

I find Nintendo Wii  as a good examples of User Experience Design as at the point it came out It was a breakthrough in technology and how to interact in games.

One  thing I also find good about this product was its flexibility in different games using the same technology for different  purposes.

3. Rejseplanen.dk 



I chose Rejseplanen.dk which is a danish navigation/trip-planner app because it is an app I am usually very dependent on in my everyday life and a good example of a very user friendly and reliable app. When I am travelling this is the app I miss most.