WK 12 – Work in progress

Storyboard, concept shortfilm
Storyboard, concept shortfilm

This weeks’ work have been to compose the short film by making a storyboard. We created the storyboard by asking ourselves:

  • who is the audience of the film
  • What content do we need to show
  • what elements/pictures/film shots do we have and what do we still need to produce

Overall, we decided to structure the short film in 3 main sections listed below:

  • Intro – Observations/problems to address 
  • Concept description (overview) 
  • Concept in action 

Thereafter we started creating a detailed manuscript of what elements we need in each of scenes of the movie and established a structured order – again, to make it easier to produce the short film.

Manuscript, shortfilm,
Manuscript, shortfilm, screenshot

Our intention is to be ready by the end of this week so we have the weeked to compose the movie and prepare our final presentation of our concept.