wk 11 – Feedback, research & refinement of project idea

Before the lecture Monday 17/10/16 we had decided upon following aspects of our project idea:

Framing of problem
We want to activate dead spaces in the MRT to draw people’s attention and make them interact with the wall instead of using their mobile phones when the walk through the MRT.

On the same time we believe it can have a positive effect when people at the sideways are somehow entertained it will create more space for the commuters in the middle of the pathways.

How to do it

Make objects following you, the slower you walk the more objects will for example also attract you. Also we thought it will draw more attention if some certain movements will create some kind of feedback on the screens.


  • Make a space to a place
  • Draw people’s attention to the walls to make them noticed the surroundings
  • Create more spaces in the middle pathways for people in hurry


  • Approximity sensor which recognize certain movement from a determined distance from the wall.

Feedback on our project idea 

This week we received feedback on our project idea about activating dead spaces in the MRT. Below is some of the feedback we received on the presentation on our initial project idea:

  • How do we keep people attractment if they are walking in the MRT every day?
  • What is our target audience?
  • Should it include some kind of gameplay?
  • What kind of information can you put on the walls, according to the regulations in the MRT stations?
  • Who is the client?

Refinement of the project idea

Because of the multicultural diversity in Singapore we found that people in Singapore might not be aware of the different cultural events and gesture related to this. On the same time the government in Singapore try to promote different types of national events, also for local people – for example with the Formula 1 race.

In this way we were motivated to try to develop an user experience which make more public awareness to the local community about cultural an religious events and provide knowledge and understanding through an interactive experience in the MRT.

Target audience
As the majority of commuters in the MRT are local Singaporians we felt our project idea should try to aim this group of users as it can have the biggest impact.

The two main operators in the MRT in Singapore is SMRT Trains LTD and On the same time this article illustrate the government could have an interest in promoting culture and cultural related events through an installation in the MRT, as they have allowed other art installations in the MRT before 

Research & development of idea: 

Airport research:

Research on different events in Singapore

  • Singapore’s annual food events
  • Music festivals

Cultural events

  • Chinese new year
    • River Hongboa
  • Chingay Parade
  • Thaipusam (Hindu festival)
  • Ramadan (Muslims)
    • Hari Raya Aidilfitry
  • Mid-Autumn Festival
  • Deepavali (Hindu festival)

Rough storyboards ideas to the interactive wall

dead spaces, MRT, User Experience Design, Interactive wall, Culture, Singapore
dead spaces, MRT, User Experience Design, Interactive wall, Culture, Singapore

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  1. Good examples and the storyboard you created is a good start.  It seems there is a lot more interactive displays of the kind you’re developing at airports.  Why might that be?  What are the similarities and differences in user experience at airports vs. MRT (amount of time spent at airport is longer, more leisure or wait time).  So airports can exploit the amount of time users spend there and provide alternative experiences.  How would you exploit the kind of activity users have at the MRT for your project?

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