Reading wk#5 Chipchase

This weeks reading was interesting and in many ways a description of the day and age we exist in today. We carry our phones, keys and wallets day in and day out. In a way we live through our phone these days, a lot of what we experience and see is through our phones while transporting ourselves from one place to another, for example on the MRT, a majority of the commuters spend their time on the train with their phone. It might be possible to argue that we have a space that we’ve constructed within our phone that we can bring with us wherever we go, a space we decorated with the apps of our choice and a space that we know and will stay the same wherever we are. I think of this because we can bring a lot of personal stuff that we identify our self with such as music, photos, hobbies and books which would be much harder before when these things had to be worn in physical shapes, like it was before we had the possibility to carry this through the smartphone.

I wonder how this has changed us as humans, in some way it might be easy to see. I thinking of how it has effected our ability to plan and handle unforeseen happenings, while traveling etc. For a while ago a lot of planning and studying had to be made before arriving to a new destination, such as where to go when we get of the bus, where the accommodation is located and so on. Now days we don’t have to study these things upon arrival, this can be studied while traveling to the desired place through our applications on the phone where we can see our location in real time. When I think about traveling how I traveled before the smartphone entered my life I had to do a lot more research on where I was going, how I would take me there and what kind of possible effects, for example, a delay would cause on the trip. Now days we can adapt from one situation to another really quick with the help from our smartphone, but what happens if we don’t have that one life line we so much rely on?

Have our ability to adapt from one situation to another become better or worse with the availability of extreme amount of information?

Do we know more and are able to pick up all this information or do we just feel certain that we can gain any knowledge anytime depending on the situation we are in?

These are just some of the thoughts that come to me while I was reading and writing. Hope it makes sense in some way.

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