Semester Project: Touch of War


Touch of War is our semester project. It’s a simple tug of war based game where instead of pulling a rope, you press a button gently. The goal is to find the correct amount of pressure to apply to the button to tug your way to victory!

So here’s the video we created to showcase our completed project! It describes how it works and how to use it! Enjoy!

Pictures of our finished product:


This is a project created by: Arvid Långström & Viktor Sieger

Themed Presentation: Virtual Reality

I’m using so I can’t really download my presentation as a PDF unfortunately. But here’s a link to the presentation.

Since some of the movies added didn’t really work in the presentation I’ve added them here as well!

KAT Walk:



Needle Anxiety VR:


Weekly Device: SignAloud


The SignAloud gloves can translate sign language(American Sign Language) to speech. This helps people who normally have trouble to communicate, such as deaf or mute people. It gives them a voice in a sense.

With sensors on the wrists and hands it can measure movement and position, and which signs are made.  This is then sent via bluetooth to a computer, which then turns it into a phrase, using text to speech.

Link to article

Week 1 Device: Smart Mirror

Perseus - The Worlds Smartest Mirror
Perseus – The Worlds Smartest Mirror

With this mirror you can keep up to date with the latest things. You can access the weather, or stream a video of your choice, all while putting on your make up, or just looking at your own miserable face.

It uses a complementery app to adjust what is shown on the mirror, and apparently you can also take 360-degree photos of yourself.


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Perseus – The World’s Smartest Mirror