Group 4: Proposal Update

Project Proposal 1, Stress:

Focusing on emotional sustainability, this installation is inspired by brain activity and stress. The installation would be open-air and immersive, allowing users to walk into/through the work. The form would be inspired by the brain and the connection of neurons where lights would represent neurons. By using relaxing sounds and cool colors, the installation will begin as calm. With user input, the installation will begin to change and intensify with colors and sounds, signifying stress. The installation will be divided into ~5 sections, each section can handle input by one user.

Theme: Emotional Wellbeing and Stress sustainability

# of Users: ~5

Input: Kinetic, some form of activity, for example drumming

Output: Lights and Sound

Form: Open-air, immersive, inspired by brain

Current questions and future considerations:

  • How literal should the form be? Inspired by the brain, or resembling the brain
  • What other types of inputs can be used by the user?
  • How can we encourage user interaction?
  • Does the output convincingly represent stress? Will users get it?
  • How can the interactivity or input and output symbolize stress better?
  • How will it be viewed from the inside compared the the outside?
  • What types of materials could be used?