Fragments, errors, and overlaps: glitch art with jonCate

jonCate’s BOLD3RRR begins with a starkly contrasted screen recording and a voice over monologue performed lived:

“I want to reflect on real time. I want to reflect on real time renderings. I want to reflect on real time renderings across international time zones in fragments, errors, and overlaps. I want to play with recursivities. These feedback loops merge personal data and swim in associative forms from Chicago to Taipei to Boulder and back again”

As he speaks, the screen switches from various computer applications, to a live webcam recording of his face, to different social media feeds. It’s an interesting choice of images that accompany his voice over. Perhaps this is what Cate’s is referring to when he mentions personal data in his voice over. Periodically, throughout BOLD3RRR, Cate’s will commentate on the actions that are occurring within the computer.

“Skype call begins. Skype switch to share screen, applause.”

After six minutes, previously recorded phrases of jonCate’s voice over begin to loop and overlap on top of one another, the resulting recording becomes increasingly obfuscated. A lot is happening simultaneously here. While jonCate’s narrates some of the computer actions, some of the occurrences in the recorded video are explicitly what jonCate’s wants to reflect on: fragments, errors and overlaps.  All of this is, as Cate’s had said, in real time. It’s a blend of computer interactions (driven by jonCate), voice over, and live video processing–all of which are interacting with each other in tandem.

3:00 from jonCate’s BOLD3RRR

In his interview with Randall Packer, Cate’s describes the purpose behind his aesthetic:

“they are part of our lives, + that embeddedness has the word bed in there, we are in bed w/ them also, so they’re embedded in ways that are complex. they are not sterile, they’re imperfect, they are not clean, b/c they exist in the world, which is also imperfect. + so, i do believe that d1Ɍ+y̶ ̶N̶3WWW_M3DI as a way of lyfe + as an approach to artmaking is a way of foregrounding these faxxx, these realities, of our lived exxxperiences, + acknowledging how situated we all are w/ all of these systems, + artifacts that we have made, unmade && remade together.”

The glitchiness and the haphazardness of BOLD3RRR is, in a sense, a reflection of our real world, which has become entangled and inseparable from our digital world. jonCate’s pushes the imperfections of his digital work, which he describes as dirty new media, to embody his belief that our lived experiences are situated within a technological realm. jonCate’s subverts technology to capture the inseparable link between our digital and lived experiences.