Reflection on Collaborating

Collaborating as a team of three was interesting and didn’t run as smoothly as I imagined. It was difficult to communicate and meet each other and as a team of 2 artists and 1 scientist, it was difficult for different fields to visualise the same idea, as we found that our first draft of slides was off topic. Although there were difficulties, it was interesting to have many different inputs and ideas. I think the collaboration could have run smoother if there was enough communication between all of us. I think there was a little less art aspect to our proposal than imagined and may have been difficult to understand. I think in future projects, I wouldn’t mind either as there are both positive and negative aspects of working as a group or individually, however, I do lean more into a group project.

Task 1B: Develop Slogan & Moodboard




  • Handrawn and creative feel to the poster
  • bright primary and secondary colours
  • Nothing too detailed so it can be seen from afar


Concept 1 – Take heart through art:

Concept 2- Create, Motivate, rejuvinate:

Concept 3- Jumpstart through art:

Task 1A: Visual Research



The poster is promoting a summer day camp from June – August for 6-15-year-olds. This poster is a template for people to use for their club. It conveys a vibe that is fun, exciting, happy, youthful, fresh and creative. The poster captivates the viewer with the bold summer text layered in between the bright organic shapes contrasting against the dark background helping create depth. The floating outlines help move the eye to every corner where the information is. The bigger white dot above summer helps pull the eye up to the top after reading summer day camp. I personally really like this poster because it conveys the message of summer camp well.

Future World:  Where Art Meets Science Reflection

I visited the Art Science Museum exhibit – Future World:  Where Art Meets Science. It featured many amazing interactive exhibits exploring four sections: nature, town, park and space. ‘Crows are Chased and the Chasing Crows are destined to be Chased as well, Transcending Space’ was the first immersive interactive art piece I had been in and the visuals made it feel like I was moving along with the crows and the sound heightened the senses even more. My favourite piece of the Nature section was ‘Black Waves’, the flowing movement representing water and the tranquil sound evoked a relaxed and as well as a touching response.

The next exhibits were the town and the park. These two areas of interactive artworks made me feel like a child again playing without worries and made me curious on what every single interaction would do. I was looking around even adults were colouring in and playing hopscotch.

The Space exhibit was also beautiful with the many synchronised lights creating a canvas for users to select planets and constellations to display on the light tunnel.

After experiencing and interacting with interactive art, I have taken note to how groups of people interact with these pieces and the environment and how they could be applied to our iLight assignment. What I enjoyed most about interacting with the installation was how all of them evoked emotions and a sense of curiosity with the use of sound and touch. I would like to incorporate sound into our project to enhance the emotional response. The first thing I noticed about people interacting with the pieces was how the majority would stop and take multiple photos in interacting with the sculpture (e.g. projecting the art onto their body and sitting/holding a part of the piece), so the artwork must look visually appealing and interesting.


Zen Teh

When I first walked into the exhibit and saw the sculptures, I wasn’t sure what it was all about.  I became a little distracted from admiring Zen Teh’s artwork as she was speaking about her work so I didn’t completely hear her message of her work. However, as I viewed them from closer up I began to realise she had projected images of nature onto these stones and I started to interpret her work myself. I started to connect our impact on nature and these pieces could be seen as fragments of the remaining environment or how a futuristic world is filled with only rubble and this is to remind us of what we lost. The sculptures looked very beautiful yet very fragile on the pedestals which could be related to our relationship to nature and how our careless action could send nature crashing down.


Project 1 Final Design


  • The qualities and purpose of Art on the move is represented in my logo design
  • My three concept words are healing, support and expression
  • The artistic qualities and movement is shown through a sweeping brush stroke creating a paint palette
  • The quality and purpose is shown through the silhouette of a hand (the brush stroke) embracing a heart (palette) resembling healing through art
  • I chose yellow and magenta because they are energetic and positive colour and compliments the turquoise vest and buttons
  • I kept the background white as another colour would compete with the turquoise vest
  • The font chosen is simple, fun yet legible
  • I went with a simple yet effective design as it allows the logo to be more memorable


You are What You Carry – Jan Chipchase

It was interesting to read Chipchases perspective of technology and networking today. He explains the topics about the three items, phone, money and keys he found everyone across many cultures, genders, age and economic strata carried in his Mobile __ talk.  It was interesting to read about his research on how different the ‘range of distribution’ is in different countries, for example how the lady from Shanghai never let her handbag stray from her touch compared to my observation of Singaporeans and their personal items in public. It was also difficult for me to understand the complex ‘strings of the networking yo-yo’ analogy. Chipchase also talks about how you can use more while owning less, this network is called ‘The Mesh’. Companys such as Zipcar shares cars to those who don’t need their own cars but occasionally need them and spaces such as the library allow you to borrow books without collecting them. In the future, we may be looking to carry fewer items and as designers, our goal is to “lighten consumers load and to help them be more efficient” (Chipchase, 123).

Eco Film Festival – Ocean

Chasing Coral (2017) –Jeff Orlowski

Coral can live as long as the environment allows them to, however, their environment is becoming unlivable due to global warming and causing the phenomenon called coral bleaching. Much of the world is oblivious to this rare event in nature and do not realise that an unhealthy ocean means an unhealthy planet, as the ocean controls everything. 93% of the heat from greenhouse gasses and carbon emissions is absorbed by the ocean if it was not earth surface temperature would rise to 50 degrees Celsius. Within the last 30 years, 50% of the worlds coral have already disappeared and threatens to kill entire classes of coral if our actions are not reversed. The eradication of coral will also cause 1/4 of the planet’s creatures to diminish.

“If we can’t save this ecosystem, will we have the courage to save the next ecosystem down the line?” – Chasing Coral, 2017

People see what they want to see…

My image depicts how bleaching is clearly evident and rapidly happening right in front of us but we, man kind are not acting fast enough to prevent even more coral from dying due to rising temperature from global warming.

Frontier Borneo: Shark Project

Borneo is home to the richest and most diverse marine area in the world and mankind have been poaching these creatures. In order to save sharks from being mass finned, shark expert, David McGuire buys unfinned and live sharks before they are sent to the markets. He travels across Borneo risking the sharks’ survival, to release them into a protected reef. Not only are sharks being poached but also turtles eggs. Activist, Alex Yee patrols the beach and collects freshly hatched turtle eggs to take to a hatchery where they are safe from the black market.

My image many dead finned sharks that are lifeless and grey that are sold at the markets. Even though shark expert, McGuire only protected 7 sharks from meeting the same fate as many other of the sharks out of the thousands he had seen at the markets, it is still a positive impact that they are alive (hence the red showing they are alive).


Black and white outline version:


Black and white filled version:


Different colour choices:


Pink and yellow work best compared to the other that were too dark or competed for attention against the turquoise vest. I changed the red to pink as the red was not an exciting colour and may have been misinterpreted as the colour of blood.