Final Brochure

Final Brochure Design:

By reducing the size of the shapes the attention is now focused on the body copy and the featured image. Each information page has similar features such as the yellow title and shapes framing the images making the whole design intergrate.

The final brochure could have been presented better as I didn’t have time to test print and I had experimented with cutting the fold for a clean fold but ended up peeling the paper off.. I also didn’t realise that I was aligning the blue page with the pink page instead of the orange page when folded came together.


This brochure design represents the Arts&Health Programme, a programme that brings creativity into patients lives for therapeutic, educational and expressive purposes. Using bright colours and confetti-like shapes conveying happiness, positivity and celebration of creativity. The die cut of the shape creates visual interest and sense of surprise in comparison to a standard threefold brochure. All colours and elements are taken from the previous poster design, creating a family of collaterals. The shapes and yellow framed header flowing throughout the pages creating a sense of flow enticing the eyes to move from page to page.

Work in Progress Check

Critic and feedback from one on one meeting:

  • currently the shapes compete over the body text – shrink down shapes
  • integrate title to the bottom and integrate shapes into images
  • remember margin
  • crop image to tighten
  • switch out the move with orange context
  • need a sense of readiness
  • the shape connection doesn’t need to be literal – broken lines
  • title on the orange page or bold first line
  • highlight art more
  • keep back plain without shapes


Preliminary Design Review

Feedback and critic from peers and tutor:

  • colour as hierarchy – hot > cold, dark > bright – sequence
  • orange first?
  • mindful of the visual
  • is the die cut for? – must have a purpose as it adds to the budget cost
  • currently too bottom heavy
  • cut out pictures to structure?
  •  has a sense of unity
  • could move some shapes down
  • be aware of contrast – visual vibrations – scaling – visual depth – pulls things in
  • doesn’t have to be continues
  • words stagger
  • special treatment for header box
  • shape image
  • tagline front – arts and health on the back
  • bump text box 50%
  • insert more images?


Task 1: Designing Exploration

Existing brochure designs:

3 Favourites:

Using an accordion fold this brochure has been cut to create popups, surprising the reader when it is opened. This design is interesting and easily creates a rhythm with the eye.

This brochure uses a die cut to highlight an element, the speech bubble.

This brochure is folded inwards using 4 panels. It is a fun way to use a brochure, however, it looks difficult to lay the content out effectively.


Playing with folds:

Tried to create a drop down vertical brochure but the layout was pretty difficult to achieve and the user experience would have been awkward to handle.

Using the inspiration from above I tried to create an accordion fold brochure with pop up to create a surprise element. But folding the brochure back was difficult.

Using the trifold I tried to incorporated die cuts into my brochure to make things more interesting for the reader. I also cut out the shape of the paint splatter to create a less uniform brochure.
I also used the shapes across the pages to create visual flow and to establish visual hierarchy.


Final Poster

To represent Arts on the Move as a program that brings creativity into patient lives for therapeutic, educational and expressive purposes I have created this energetic poster with the slogan ‘Jumpst(art)’. Jumpst(art) can be interpreted as imparting fresh energy into patients every time they create art through this program. The images in this poster are textured to look like paper cuts and confetti to strengthen the creativity of all the instruments and shapes seen in the confetti. The paint tube is also an analogy for jumpstarting patients – one squeeze and the creativity will flow. The light colour palette and bubbly font are used to create a positive, welcoming and cheerful vibe.

Final refinement

Feedback from Peers:

  • no distinct lines
  • play with the title – very static – break it up
  • move to the right – Jump St(art) – brackets colour or capitalise
  • the main drive of shape
  • create tension point – focus point – created by lines and etc
  • move up- twist shapes
  • a little bottom heavy – lift closer
  • the orientation of shapes
  • introduce colour
  • Jumpstart could have shadow

As I only had Monday and Tuesday of the final week to tweak my work as I was travelling up until Sunday, I should have let myself have more time to explore the colour range.

Task 2: Design Exploration


Task 3: Design Refinement & Mock Up

Task 3A: Readability and Legibility



Design Refinements:

Feedback from Peers:

  • no outline
  • more details – strings and palette
  • confetti – vibrant, joy
  • continue splash
  • look into text details – a different voice emphasis – play with size and orientation
  • the orientation of shapes – how to play with the elements
  • try a different palette
  • add Jurong Health Logo – monochrome can do
  • accent – 3D the objects like the tube


The two different colours look like day an night unintentionally. I prefer the light blue one as it is brighter and more cheerful.

Added the logo. found it difficult to place



Task 1B: Develop Slogan & Moodboard




  • Handrawn and creative feel to the poster
  • bright primary and secondary colours
  • Nothing too detailed so it can be seen from afar


Concept 1 – Take heart through art:

Concept 2- Create, Motivate, rejuvinate:

Concept 3- Jumpstart through art:

Task 1A: Visual Research



The poster is promoting a summer day camp from June – August for 6-15-year-olds. This poster is a template for people to use for their club. It conveys a vibe that is fun, exciting, happy, youthful, fresh and creative. The poster captivates the viewer with the bold summer text layered in between the bright organic shapes contrasting against the dark background helping create depth. The floating outlines help move the eye to every corner where the information is. The bigger white dot above summer helps pull the eye up to the top after reading summer day camp. I personally really like this poster because it conveys the message of summer camp well.