Project 1 Final Design


  • The qualities and purpose of Art on the move is represented in my logo design
  • My three concept words are healing, support and expression
  • The artistic qualities and movement is shown through a sweeping brush stroke creating a paint palette
  • The quality and purpose is shown through the silhouette of a hand (the brush stroke) embracing a heart (palette) resembling healing through art
  • I chose yellow and magenta because they are energetic and positive colour and compliments the turquoise vest and buttons
  • I kept the background white as another colour would compete with the turquoise vest
  • The font chosen is simple, fun yet legible
  • I went with a simple yet effective design as it allows the logo to be more memorable



Black and white outline version:


Black and white filled version:


Different colour choices:


Pink and yellow work best compared to the other that were too dark or competed for attention against the turquoise vest. I changed the red to pink as the red was not an exciting colour and may have been misinterpreted as the colour of blood.



Design aim:
The client, Ng Teng Fong General Hospital requires a new logo design to be used on the button badge for their Arts on the move volunteer program.
A design that reflects the programs values, passion and purpose.

Harness creativity
Hands on
Positive Distraction


Concept 1

Concept 1:
The hand can be seen as both patient and volunteer, the patient’s hand is connecting with the paint palette representing art and how they express through art. If it is seen as the volunteer’s hand, it is a hand of support and reassurance like a hand on the shoulder. The square handle of the pallet is part of the hospital’s official logo and so it can be seen that Arts on the Move is affiliated with the hospital.


Concept 2

Concept 2:
This logo represents how this program harnesses creativity and allows the patients to express and be free through craft. Depicted is a patient freely throwing paint to their heart’s desire without being restricted by their state of health. The human and the paint is shaped into a heart symbolizing how both are connected and also reflect the caring value of the program.

Concept 3

Concept 3:
The logo is a play on the official hospital logo to follow on style and to show they are affiliated. The silhouette of a patient is seen next to the cracked pattern. This pattern represents how the patients may be broken when being admitted but shows that they can be put back together through art. The web like pattern also represents the community and the connections made with others. The square is located near the vocal cord representing that this program can help patient speak their mind through art.

Mood Board:







Revisiting Task 1:

Misinterpreted the task and had already started drawing logos so I am revisiting concept ideas from Week 1 for a clearer understanding of what my aim is. My three-word concepts will be:

  1. Expression
  2. Support
  3. Heal


 Process for three logos that I have already designed: