Final refinement

Feedback from Peers:

  • no distinct lines
  • play with the title – very static – break it up
  • move to the right – Jump St(art) – brackets colour or capitalise
  • the main drive of shape
  • create tension point – focus point – created by lines and etc
  • move up- twist shapes
  • a little bottom heavy – lift closer
  • the orientation of shapes
  • introduce colour
  • Jumpstart could have shadow

As I only had Monday and Tuesday of the final week to tweak my work as I was travelling up until Sunday, I should have let myself have more time to explore the colour range.

Task 2: Design Exploration


Task 3: Design Refinement & Mock Up

Task 3A: Readability and Legibility



Design Refinements:

Feedback from Peers:

  • no outline
  • more details – strings and palette
  • confetti – vibrant, joy
  • continue splash
  • look into text details – a different voice emphasis – play with size and orientation
  • the orientation of shapes – how to play with the elements
  • try a different palette
  • add Jurong Health Logo – monochrome can do
  • accent – 3D the objects like the tube


The two different colours look like day an night unintentionally. I prefer the light blue one as it is brighter and more cheerful.

Added the logo. found it difficult to place



Task 1B: Develop Slogan & Moodboard




  • Handrawn and creative feel to the poster
  • bright primary and secondary colours
  • Nothing too detailed so it can be seen from afar


Concept 1 – Take heart through art:

Concept 2- Create, Motivate, rejuvinate:

Concept 3- Jumpstart through art:

Task 1A: Visual Research



The poster is promoting a summer day camp from June – August for 6-15-year-olds. This poster is a template for people to use for their club. It conveys a vibe that is fun, exciting, happy, youthful, fresh and creative. The poster captivates the viewer with the bold summer text layered in between the bright organic shapes contrasting against the dark background helping create depth. The floating outlines help move the eye to every corner where the information is. The bigger white dot above summer helps pull the eye up to the top after reading summer day camp. I personally really like this poster because it conveys the message of summer camp well.